Monday, October 6, 2014

Takes a Lifetime

To learn a lifetime. Driving with my daughter the other day I was again reflecting on how much easier our relationship might have been had I known any handful of the things I know now. Sadness gripped me and then I thought of Peter saying “don’t punch yourself out for not being somewhere other than where you are right now.”

I looked over at the lovely young woman my daughter has become and I felt very grateful we have the relationship today that we have. It’s taken a lifetime for us both.

You guys know I have a rule about telling other people’s stories. I can’t really even when I want to. I am not inside their heads, I don’t know what they have overcome to get to whatever place they are at.

Here’s what I do know. I spent four days in the company of some very wonderful people. Without trying to fill in the background,  I am going to share some photos and maybe you can get a feel for the joy, the camaraderie, the incredible sense of purpose and accomplishment we shared.

Trouble one: we have several very good amateur photographers that grace us with their talents. Karen Johnson, Deb Johnson, Della Beach; Donny Chalufas, Wendy Wojewodski, Roxanne Hill, just to name a few. When I save ph0tos, I rarely remember to save who to credit them to, so here they are in a bunch.

Also, I didn’t save all the photos I wanted to. There are a whole lot more  but here is a smattering.

Trouble two: I always leave out very important people, so don’t feel bad if your photo doesn’t show up here!

All further disclaimers aside, here we go:

Here is one of my best friends in life, and also our Lincoln NE clinic host, Colleen Parmenter Hamer. She is riding Dervish, an Arabian used-to-be-a-stallion that she has trained and done a wonderful job with.

Colleen and Dervish

Colleen best pic everColleen and Dervish mirroring the cow



Here is Bob. This young man started riding a very few short years ago and has come far.



Cindy and Miley, really coming along

Happiness is when we can share our passions with our spouses. With her husband, Pat, on the right.

Cindy and MileyCindy and PatPat

Great shot of Karen Johnson, laughing with Peter, photog gets snapped!

Karen smiling with Peter Della Beach, Karen’s sisterKaren the photogDella


The Donny’s (best guys ever)

The Donny'sme and donny

Starr with her dazzling smile!


Happy Roxanne!


Stephanie, another glowing rider

Stephanie smile

Last but certainly not least . . .

The lovely . . .

Trina portraitTrina Campbell


And himself, having a little fun and good times on a great horse

Peter and Lollipop getting down


I hope you can gather from these photos some of how we felt during that four days. Yes, we work our behinds off. Many of our photos show us with brows wrinkled in concentration.

If it doesn’t challenge you, you won’t grow!

I am here to grow. There will be more about cows.

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