Sunday, January 17, 2010

Knocking the Dust Off

Figured it was about time to drag this thing out, knock the dust off and give everyone a quick update on what's going on at Good Hands.

First thing, we no longer reside in Sioux City. It started with a disastrous mess in our farm house and no sign of repair any time soon. We cast about in all directions, looking for a horse place that would keep us in the Tri State area, and when none was to be had, our eyes roamed south. Options came and went, and we are nicely settled in a place in Omaha. My grown kids live here and 20 years of friendship has proven nice to come home to. The horses started at one barn, with me also training at another and picking up some residential clients along the way. We are off to a good start!

And then . . . much drama at our north barn and we have to rethink our brand new plan. That barn is closing and while we have been offered the opportunity to take it over, it really is not the right time for us to leap into such a venture. Ironic, as if the place had been available when we moved down here, we'd be living there now, but leases are signed and much can change in a matter of weeks.

Fortunately in the midst of all this, Steve and Lisa at the Papillion Equestrian Center opened their arms and a pen and made space for me and some of our horses. Other friends are making room for two more, and as soon as I can find a ride for them, they'll be in Lincoln til what comes next. I am looking forward to training, giving lessons and holding clinics at PEC, what a lovely facility!! I am relaxing my "no travel" rule, as there seems to be a demand in this part of the world for instructors who will come onsite, and as long as the client has a decent facility to work in and understands that time = $ including travel time, well, I guess it's a new world all the way around and I can be a little flexible!

Our next planned event is an Anywhere From Here horsemanship clinic planned for February 13, 2010. After this brutal winter, I figure a winter warm up is in order, and I have several clients interested in brushing up their skills on my horses before taking them home to their own. Quite a few riding spots are spoken for, and I only take 10, so please let me know asap if you are interested. Auditors are unlimited, of course.

I am taking reservations for training horses for the 2010 season. I have access to indoor and outdoor arenas as well as a very nice, safe round pen. Your horse will be kept in a large, airy box stall that is cleaned daily. Plentiful quality hay is supplied, if you want grain, you bring it, I'll be happy to feed it. The horses will be turned out daily in addition to their work time so it's not all work and no play which doesn't do well for anyone, horses and people alike. My ride schedule will be Tuesday through Saturday, and your horse will work a five day schedule just like I do. This will enable me to stay on schedule, and your horse will come home ready and willing to go to work for you. Owner lessons on that horse are included in the cost of training, and strongly encouraged. This is a heck of a good deal!!

Making this change does requires a herd reduction. I will be offering my cute little Solid bred Paint grulla mare, Hershey, for sale, and my black Quarter Pony, Chica. Contact me for details if you would be interested in more info. I'll probably get updated photos and blog on each of these, later on down the road. Hawkeye is for sale, too, and he's really come around into a nice, nice horse.

A tough and hard note in the middle of it all, what to do with Jack, my rescue horse? I wish I could afford to pay board on a horse who's only return to me is likely through the heart and while that counts for a lot, it would mean a saddle horse would have to give up their place and that does not make sense. In another day, I could find a place where someone just wanted the grass down and find him a cushy dig where no one would ever ask a thing of him again. That day is not this day, and we are overrun with unwanted horses. Jack has had enough. I can't hardly see setting him back in the world to take his chances that some one may, and most likely, completely unintentionally, abuse him ever again. This is a great young horse that should have been someone's bold, kind, never for sale at any price kind of good gelding. It's a crying shame.

There are many people facing tough situations right now, and anything we have going on pales in comparison to those poor souls in Haiti. A little perspective sure can change the way I look at a day. Hope yours is looking good to you, and until next time, this is us.