Thursday, June 26, 2014



Two souls were taking a walk one day. They were enjoying the nice breeze and the balmy weather. They could have chosen any kind they wanted but for walking and chatting, this seemed nice.

The young soul looked up at the elder, “so tell me how this works? The whole living of lifetimes and all the back and forth stuff. It seems kind of confusing to me!”

The old soul nodded, “it is for us all in the beginning. There are a lot of options when you are just starting out. There are lessons to be learned, or you can choose to help someone else learn theirs. You can even be an atonement if you like, but I would wait a little bit, on that one.”

The young soul wrinkled his brow. “An atonement? What’s an atonement, Grandpa?” The old soul wasn’t really his grandpa but it seemed as good a word as any.

Grandpa didn’t say anything for a moment. “An atonement is what a soul becomes when they are ready to help someone else learn an important lesson. Some of the experiences we must go through feel very harmful to others, and then in others, we ourselves feel harmed. We are not really, we are just going through our experiences. Being an atonement is one of the most important roles you can ever play. It can be very difficult, and frightening.”

The little soul looked up, eyes wide. It didn’t really have eyes, but if it did, they would have been very wide indeed.

“I don’t understand, Grandpa, can you tell me more?”

“Not right now, son,” The young soul wasn’t his son any more than he was it’s grandpa but it seemed a good word for the moment.

“What if I don’t want to be an atonement or what if I change my mind when I said I would? What happens then?!”

“Your brother, Jesus Christ, did his just the other day. He had his moment of doubt as indeed, do we all as the dark times come. He almost forgot who he was and what he had agreed to do. Your cousin, Buddha, had to go whisper in his ear and remind him there was a higher purpose and that his suffering was only to be a very temporary thing for Jesus. What he was about to do would have a very large impact, as was his agreement before he ever took on the flesh dress.”

The soul nodded. “I heard about that. Do you think it’s worked out like he planned?”

Grandpa smiled, “That, my son, is for another day. Right now, let’s get you ready for your first life.  Many of us start out being human beings but we don’t have to. We can be anything at all.”

“What happens when we are human, Grandpa?”

“We get born, go through the gamut of average human emotions and experiences, we learn to communicate with each other and the other life forms on the planet. We laugh, we cry, we find humor and sorrow, pain, delight and many types of what the humans call love. We learn how to say good bye to those we love, and then later, we say good bye ourselves when we return here.”

“Love? What is love, Grandpa?”

“Why, you are, son, and so am I, in our current forms. It springs from being part of the Great Is and the closer you are to the Is, the purer form you take. When you take on the flesh body, then you will forget about that and who you are now. The purpose of the lives is to learn it all back and remember who you are.”

“I really don’t understand!” The little soul was very upset. “Why do I have to go through all that? I don’t want to forget who I am! What if I never remember?”

“You will,” replies the Older. “The Great Is will always know where you are even if you don’t always know where It is, or even remember that It exists. You may go through some very trying times while you learn the things you need to know, but eventually you will be brought home. We all are.”

The little soul screwed up it’s face in bewilderment. “Why though? Why can’t I just stay here and be what I am? What’s so wrong with that?”

“There is nothing wrong with that. You can. You don’t ever have to step onto the wheel and take the journey but we do, in order to become complete. We have to experience everything there is in order to fully understand everything we are.”

“Everything there is . . . but that’s a lot, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” said the old soul. “There is a lot. It takes a long time to get through all the things we need to do, but we have all the time we need. You can live as many lives as you want and have all the experiences that you need. Most of us start wanting to be done, at some point, and that’s when we have to sort out the lessons we have left. We might have to learn how to forgive when someone wrongs us, we might have to learn to give when we feel we don’t even have enough for ourselves. We might have to learn all over again that the thing we think is fear and then death is an illusion and all there really Is, is Love.”

“I really don’t get it, Grandpa.”

“That’s ok, my dear. You will.”

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